Who are we?

ETP is a research organisation based in Brighton specialising in the field of public transport, pedestrianisation, cycling and traffic calming.


ETP has a strong research record, particularly related to practical impact issues and the interaction of different street and transport users. There is significant experience of consultation with local authorities and operators across Europe, and also planning and conducting surveys.


Most of the research and publications in the last 20 years have covered international transport issues in urban areas, analysing problems and suggesting solutions. During the last decades, work has been exclusively in the public transport field, mainly on light rail including the economic impact of public transport modes on house prices and retailing. Recently more research has been carried out on city studies in the United States and on achievements in reducing the impact of the car.


ETP utilises the services of Professor Carmen Hass-Klau, who is bilingual in English and her native German, as well as being fluent in Spanish. Dr Graham Crampton contributes to research projects on questions relating to economics and statistical analysis.