Bus or Light Rail: Making the Right Choice (Second Edition)

A Financial, Operational and Demand Comparison of Light Rail, Guided Buses, Busways and Bus Lanes. A joint research project with the University of Wuppertal. This book evaluates the experience of existing light rail, guided buses, busway and bus lane systems and its relevance to current plans for expanding the role of public transport generally. It covers technical and financial aspects, together with the results of surveys on the attitudes and judgements of passengers and car users.

This publication first published in 2000 by European transport expert Professor Carmen Hass-Klau has been completely updated. It includes 2 new case studies: Freiburg and Rouen. It also includes a completely new chapter on the different types of new guided buses and a technical valuation. The summaries of the current state-of-play in urban transport policy have been revised to take account of recent developments, including in some cases the shelving of planned schemes. Since the first edition there has been something of a U-turn in Britain in favour of new light rail projects and extensions. Guided bus schemes in contrast are rather thin on the ground in Britain.

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